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Where to start - using quality images


We believe that design matters, and is an important investment in your business. Images can help improve a user’s overall experience, and great website design goes hand in hand with high quality photography.


1. Use effective, high quality images

Imagery is important! High quality images can influence how a potential customer perceives your brand. Try not to use low quality, blurry or pixelated images. And please make sure any image you source is purchased, and/or you have obtained permission – and not just downloaded randomly from Google images.

2. Images should compliment the content 

Images should be placed strategically. The overall goal of your project is to balance quality, relevant images with your text – producing a cohesive, functional design. Choose carefully. Great images can evoke emotion, convey a message, build confidence and generate a connection with your user.

3. Be relatable

If possible, use your own photography for:
a) Specific location (office, place of work)
b) Headshots (professionally taken headshots are the best)
c) Social media images (facebook / instagram)

What we need from you:

  • Please provide any images you want to include in the website. As a general rule of thumb, the bigger, the better (so I have the flexibility to resize/crop). If the files are large (over 10MB per email), please send the images using a file sharing company such as
  • Be specific on placement (if this is important to you). If not, I will provide examples of where your image works best.

What we do:

  • Incorporate your images into the site design, with careful balancing of text with graphics / imagery.
  • Thoughtful placement of images to draw attention and connect with the user.
  • Balance is key – our projects tend to be a combination of purchased stock photography mixed in with the client’s original pictures.
  • All images will be optimized for page speed, and appropriate alt text is used for SEO purposes.

Don’t have any images of your own?

We can source and provide samples of stock photos that work for you and your brand.

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