HELP! Understanding your Dashboard
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Understanding your Dashboard


Your website or blog is live and you are ready to make your own edits. Start by logging in to the administration area and learning about your “dashboard” – the main administrative area or back end of your website/blog. One helpful way to understand how this works is your dashboard won’t look exactly like your website/blog, but it holds all the components of your site that you will be editing (the text, images, etc). Using the dashboard, you will navigate to the part of your site that contains the content you want to edit (Eg. Pages), or Media Library (images).

Understanding your DashboardAfter logging in you are on the main Administration Screen called the Dashboard.

The links you will need to update your site are listed on the left hand side of the page.

The Posts link contains the posts within your Blog, and the Pages link contains the pages of your website.

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