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How to setup Google Analytics


We encourage all clients to set-up a Google Analytics account so you can be informed of the details of your website’s visitors – website traffic and stats, and gain insight into how your website is performing.

Set up a Google Analytics Account:

#1. Go to and click the top right “Sign in” button. From the drop down menu, click “Analytics

2. After you see the above graphic, click the “Sign up” button. This takes you to a page where you need to enter your account information.

3. Enter your website URL for the account name, website name and URL. Choose your industry category, and correct reporting time zone. Below this is “Data Sharing Settings” (you can leave all boxes checked) and below is a blue “Get Tracking ID” button. Click this button.

4. Select your country from the drop down, and click the “I Accept” button to accept the terms of service.

You are done!

Next you will need to authorize the WordPress Analytics plugin with this Google account and your website will be ready to start tracking your visitors.

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