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How to authorize the Google Analytics plugin


Be informed of the details of your website’s visitors – sync the WordPress plugin with your Google Analytics account so you can view traffic from your Dashboard.

Make sure you are already logged into your google account!

  1. Next, login to your WordPress Dashboard. Here you will see the widget “Google Analytics Dashboard” and a button that says “Authorize Plugin“. Click this button.

2. This will open a new browser window which takes you to a page where the plugin gives some additional info for developers.  Ignore the text and just click the “Authorize Plugin” button again.

3. Next, click the red “Get Access Code” link.

4. Now the plugin is asking for permission from your Google Account to access you Google Analytics Data. Click the “Allow” button.

5. Now the screen shows a long line of code (random letters/numbers). Copy this code, go back to your original browser window and paste it in the access code line. Click the “Save Access Code” button.

6. The plugin is now authorized. Click on the Dashboard and you will see the plugin loaded with the latest search results.

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