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Free Website Quote


Completing a free website quote request form only takes a few minutes, but will provide us with a good understanding of what you want in a website. We stick firm to our estimates unless the project changes mid-scope, in which the client will be informed of ahead of time. We believe that great design matters – and is an investment in your business.

Before you inquire: Please take some time to review our services and website portfolio to see our design style and to determine if we might be a good match. Also view our website packages to see what is included in your estimated cost.

Quotations are provided FREE of charge and put you under no obligation. Enter anything you feel is relevant to providing you with an accurate quote catered specifically to your website needs. We work hard to respond to all inquiries within 2-3 business days.


Your Name

Your Email


There are basically 2 parts to any website. People are often most familiar with the domain name. This is the URL that people use to find your website on the Internet. The second part of owning a website is renting storage on a server. This is where your website lives, and is called hosting.

Do you have a domain name (
IF NO: What would you like the domain name to be? (subject to availability)

Do you have a hosting account?

IF NO: I can assist you with setup of a hosting account
IF YES: You will need to provide FTP/control panel access if you decide to move forward


What is the name of your company?

Briefly describe your company in one paragraph or less.

What is your target audience?
Who will visit your site? (age, gender, industry, etc)

Who are your major competitors?
Any likes/dislikes? What do you feel works well with their websites and what works badly?

What makes your company different from your competitors?


If this is a redesign, please complete the below. If this is a brand new website, skip this section and go to #5.

If you could change 3 things about your current website,what would they be?

Do you like anything about your current website?

Will your new site use content from your existing website?
Website text, logo or photos?


What are the main goals / objectives for your new website? What do you hope to achieve?

Do you have any existing items with which to maintain consistency with the design?
(additional design, print work or ads, business cards)

Name 3 sites that appeal to you (need not be your competitors or websites from the same business type) What specifically do you like about these sites? (style, colours, layout, organization, etc)
SITE # 1
SITE # 2
SITE # 3

Do you have any Special Requirements? Choose multiple, if required.

IF OTHER: Please explain:

Do you wish to update the website yourself?
IF NO: We are happy to provide maintenance services

IF YES: Are you familiar with WordPress?


How many pages will your site need? Eg: 4 Pages: Home Page, About, Services, Contact, etc.
*We suggest a 4 page minimum

Can you provide a digital copy of your logo? .ai /.eps/.psd files preferred

Can you provide your text content in its final draft in digital format?
Digital Copy - Word (.doc) or sent via email is preferred.

Do you require help with your content?
Need to purchase additional Copy writing services?
Need to purchase stock photography?

Will you need to integrate any social media websites?
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google +, YouTube, etc

Do you require additional specialized SEO services?
We are happy to recommend a company who specializes in this service.


Project start date: (select one)

Do you have a specific budget range already established? (select one)
Our average client investment starts at $2,000. Cost will depend on the complexity of your website, specific features / functions / total page count. Limited budgets are understood, and we always try to work with you to give you the best result possible. Send us an email we can chat.

Which of the following applies to you:


Desired look and feel of the site:
Playful? Classy? Rustic? Calming? Elegant? Modern? Funky? Minimalist? Professional? Fun? Traditional?

Colour ideas:
Do you have specific branding colours? Prefer Light or Dark? Warm or Cool? Neutral? Blues? Browns? Bright? Stark?

Do you have a preference for Serif or sans-Serif fonts?:
Serif fonts for the web include Courier New, Georgia, and Times New Roman. Sans-serif fonts for the web include Arial, Trebuchet, Verdana.


What is your style? Dislike the colour purple? Prefer black and white photography? Tell us below your thoughts and ideas. If there are files you would like to include (logo, images, ideas, etc) please email them to:

Any additional questions or concerns, please contact